Greentree has an outstanding track record of using the best technologies to produce the right solution for you and deliver long-term benefits.

How Greentree Technology can work for you


Greentree is at the forefront of data security, and Greentree Secure offers real peace of mind. We believe it's the most advanced and robust backup and recovery product on the market and will ensure that if disaster strikes, whatever is stored in your computer system can be recovered.


Greentree's built in 'Partial Secure' backup solution provides scheduled, verified data and system backups to local and remote storage devices to accompany in-place backup policies. For increased resilience in environments where downtime is critical, Greentree's 'Instant Secure' technology offers full data replication on a transaction by transaction basis to a dedicated secondary server that can be switched to the point of failure immediately.


Please note: All technology solutions are a combination of software and hardware components, and this is especially true in the world of backup and recovery systems. You must regularly test that these systems are working correctly in your environment. We strongly recommend that you undertake full simulated recoveries regularly for peace of mind.

The right technology for your Business


  • Greentree don't jump on every new tech bandwagon. We focus on technologies that truly deliver long-term business benefits.
  • Our Greentree Secure module offers an automated backup & recovery strategy, not only ensuring that all data is retrievable, but also that you are operational again within minutes should you have a breakdown.
GreenTree Application Laptop
  • Flexible updates: you can apply updates and changes to standard and custom software solutions according to a schedule that suits you, thus minimising the impact on your business operations.
  • The result is, you're always up to date and primed for business.

Greentree Technology Modules

General Ledger

Greentree Instant Secure

Instant means just that; if your system crashes you're back up and running straight away. Designed for customers that need data recovery to point of failure immediately, and provides a hot-swap Greentree system.

  • Total protection - no more black holes
  • The ability to set up mirrors which can be stored on-premise or in the cloud
  • Cost effective for 24/7 business operations
Accounts Payable

Greentree Partial Secure

Greentree Partial Secure is applicable to businesses that do not use Greentree web or mobile applications, and that maintain a complete paper trail that can be used to re-key data lost between the time of failure and their last good back-up.

Cash Management

Greentree Total Secure

Greentree Total Secure enables Greentree to be recovered to a point prior or up to the point of failure.

  • Managed backup and recovery process
  • Ideal if you can afford to wait a bit to be restored and fully operational
  • No rekeying required

Backup Technologies

Fixed Assets

Greentree API

Greentree's inbuilt RESTful API engine provides a secure two way data flow between Greentree and third party software applications and devices, allowing dependable, real-time integration with your Greentree ERP system. Effortlessly connect industry specific online and local hosted applications to enable more automation and better data integrity between your different business systems.

  • Easily connect to other applications
  • Enables data to flow both ways (RESTful)
  • Greatly reduces the configuration required
Consolidations & Translations

Versatile Hosting & Connectivity Options

Greentree offers flexible connectivity options over local network infrastructure, remote VPN connections, or thin client solutions, both on-site and in the cloud, providing dependable and secure access from a variety of client locations.

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