We offer the very best solutions to help run your business.

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What Our Clients Say

We were able to increase our turnover by 35% without the need to take on any more staff

Why Work with Amethyst for your Business?

We truly understand business solutions.

A really good solutions provider will show you things that you know that you need – and some things that you didn’t know that you DO need. And often the latter is the the one that helps you decide what software and which supplier.

We enhance the unique way you work.

Many will tell us that they are unique, and they will show us all the things that only they do, but quite a few will say that they work just like everyone else. What we try to do is to bring out those unique areas, and to use our software and solutions to enhance the way you work.

We have the experience to deliver quality.

Amethyst is now 29 years old. That gives us a lot of knowledge and experience about what customers want, and we offer advice and suggestions to our customers on a very regular basis. However, without exception, we learn something new on every new project.

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our clients are of all sizes and types, and are all unique - except they all run their business using one of our solutions.


Whether it is a solution to a very small part of your business, or a system that covers everything from manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and HR, we can help.

Let us help you piece together your solution.

Implementing financial and business software is all that we do – and have done for the last 29 years.