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Experienced Project Management

With our years of experience and expertise our team will use our project management skills to ensure a smooth transition to your new software solution.

With a combined 130 years of experience our people know their stuff, and you’ll have them with you every step of the way to give complete peace of mind for your project


Our project management processes have been developed over many years, based originally on Prince2,  and adapting to the size and type of project.

These include :-

  • Preparing a project plan covering the scope of the project and timings, the main objectives, and the milestones on which the project will be judged.
  • Using online tools such as Trello and Clickup for full visibility of where we are.
  • Tracking and resolving issues that arise, and sending out regular updates.
  • Identifying any changes to the agreed specification and agreeing on the way forward.

    Further details of the steps involved in an implementation are explained below.

Benefits of working with Amethyst

Full project Management

Full Project Management

Our project management processes have been developed using Prince2 Methodology and honed over the years.

Whether your project is large, small, or somewhere in-between, we have proven processes to ensure we get your project up and running.

On-hand Assistance

Assistance when and how you need it

The 'Go Live' day when your new system is finally used live is an exciting time and we will be with you onsite to help out with any queries that may arise.

Moving forward we will provide assistance through our support line - the team are just a quick phone call or email away!

Expert Help

Expert Help

We will work with you to ensure that your system is kept up-to-date with new features and is being used as effectively as possible to best benefit your business. 

As your business evolves we can make sure that your software continues to offer exactly what you need.


Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

You will have established procedures that you need to continue to use, but there may be other ways of working which are more efficient. 

We can help you identify any areas where time or money could be saved, or integrate with your other systems via our API to ensure one point of truth.

Configure your ERP Solution

Future Proof your ERP Solution

Our software is often described as very forgiving. In simple terms this means that the set up can be changed later.

We will configure your software with the future in mind, but should your business change our solutions can change with you.

Tools Support


The team at Amethyst is here to help with all your support queries once your solution is up and running.

Support can be done via Teamviewer, Zoom, email, support ticket or simply by picking up the phone - whatever works best for you.

Project Management: Planning

Without good project management, sadly even the very best software solution is likely to fail. Proven project management processes are essential.

Over the years we have developed and honed a process that works for both us and for our clients, to ensure we have the very best management tools.

Our project plans are created in MS Project and used to keep the project on track with timings and milestones.

For the day to day running of the tasks to be done we use a Trello board so that all users have full visibility of the project.

Project Management Planning
Project Management Regular Reviews and Managing Change

Project Management: Regular Reviews and Managing Change

We will agree with you how often to have progress reviews, and we would normally recommend that this is done weekly. 

These reviews are an opportunity to identify and resolve any issues, and to ensure that timescales are adhered to.

Following each review we will update the documentation and plan.

As the project progresses there may be some additional requirements; we will document these and discuss them at the next review meeting.

Some may be able to be incorporated in the current project, others may need further investigation or put as 'wish list' items for a later phase.

Either way, these will be picked up at the time and discussed with you.

Project Management: Milestone and Project Review

Milestones allow us to review the success of the project, or a particular phase, and it is essential that these are agreed and set at the start.

When a phase ends we will review with you how and when the milestones were met, and if that phase can be signed off and closed.

We can then move onto the next phase, or close the project. 

This is an important part for us as it is a real opportunity to sit back and see how everything went.

Go Live Ongoing Support and Upgrades

Helping your business to perform better

Complete Consultancy

Complete Consultancy

We offer consultancy services for Greentree which includes process reviews, report and document design and integration with other software.

We also provide full consultancy services for Access Dimensions, having worked with Access software since 1991.

Custom development for bespoke requirements

Custom development for bespoke requirements

We are a Value Added Developer for Greentree which means we have access to full source code and so can make changes or add in enhancements so that the software matches your needs exactly.

Our developers are all UK based with years of experience of Greentree and many more in development in general.

Additionally we have written specific modules or software for our customers, either integrating with Greentree or entirely stand alone.

Technology Partner

Green Tree

Fully integrated, unified ERP Software Solutions
Greentree ERP software works to ensure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. As a fully integrated system with an extensive range of customisable suites, modules, and features to choose from, Greentree can be tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Plus, as a Greentree Value Added Developer, we can also modify or create new modules specifically for you. Used worldwide by over 10,000 companies across a wide range of industries, providing a tool to streamline business processes.

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