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Take control of all facets of your business with a centralised & fully integrated ERP solution tailored to your specific needs

At Amethyst our single focus has always been on helping our clients achieve business improvement using financial management software solutions. With several decades of ERP know-how, we do this using the Greentree software platform to provide unparalleled value for your business with ERP systems that grow with you.

Our extensive track record combined with our commitment to providing the very best customer service ensures we are able to consistently deliver ERP software solutions which streamline your business processes, solve your business challenges, and put your organisation in a more efficient and effective position.

Issues an ERP Software Solution can solve:

Disparate, standalone systems

Having multiple business solutions means that organisations aren’t joined up, and completing simple tasks often takes longer than expected. Using an ERP system eliminates this challenge, streamlining processes and allowing your staff to maximise productivity.

Data consolidation issues

Trying to report on business performance can be difficult when information is stored in multiple locations. Having an ERP system means you can easily extract and report on one version of the truth.

Duplication of data entry

Using an ERP system means your teams can maximise their time in the most effective way without having to spend large amounts of time navigating systems and extracting data.

Inconsistent processes & procedures

With many different systems, procedures are hard to enforce across the company and our solutions are flexible to work to your needs.

Benefits of an ERP Software Solution:

One point of truth

Data from all parts of the business is available in one place.

Brings the business together

Access all business information with one log in, controlling what each user can see.

Increased productivity

Reduce manual processing of information and duplication of data

Improved analytics

Get a better understanding of your business activity and performance with real-time reporting and analysis

What to look for in your ERP Software Solution:

Low cost of ownership

It's easy to get caught up in upfront costs, but pay attention to the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the long haul. Consider long-term implementation costs related to change management. Your ERP system should be set up to mirror your future-state business processes, so as your processes evolve, your ERP system will evolve with you.

Flexible & scalable

Your current list of requirements and needs should not be the only thing that guides a purchasing decision. You must also consider what features you'll need as your business grows or experiences change going forward into the future.

An ERP system must be flexible enough to scale with your needs as your business grows so look beyond the standard features a system offers and consider how easily it will be for your ERP system to adapt to changing business needs and embracing emerging technologies. What you want an ERP system to be is a platform for growth, meaning it’s flexible enough to support your growth and integrate emerging technologies. What you’re doing by seeking ERP agility is future-proofing your business, and that matters a lot.

Support for mobile users

As more and more business users access workflows and data through their own personal mobile devices giving your employees the ability to work however, wherever and whenever they see fit will boost productivity considerably.

Business data needs to be accessible from wherever business happens.Select an ERP solution with a dashboard that is mobile friendly and accessible from anywhere at any time. When your employees are on the go or working remotely, they’ll be able to easily access key workflows and data to avoid prolonged downtime. More important is the ability to enter and store data all in one process. When employees can enter data directly from the field, it reduces the risk of errors that occur when they have to collect data in one place and re-enter it into the system later.

Ease of use

Each functional area of the business will work daily with certain kinds of data while having no use for other kinds. The user experience should be customisable for each user so that only the most relevant information is presented. Essentially, a good ERP system will be able to present the right information to the right people at the right time in a simple, accessible way. You should look for a great, customisable UX, or user experience. If you need to create clunky workarounds to localise and contextualise your ERP system, that's a red flag. Your ERP system should have this already baked in.

A powerful, fully integrated system

  • Provides robust management accounting software
  • Is equipped with a simple, intuitive interface
  • Works anytime, anywhere; access across multiple devices
  • Offers both Windows and browser based options
  • Allows detailed job analysis with extensive breakdown of real time costs
  • Can be heavily customised to the way you work
  • Is constantly expanding and evolving with regular enhancements

Control all facets of your business

Full project Management

Financial Management

A full suite of accounting and business management tools which provide accurate information enabling you to manage and track daily operations in your business to improve your bottom line.

On-hand Assistance

Customer Relationship Management

An ERP and CRM that work together effectively. An integrated CRM system which enables you to maintain and manage your relationships with your customers through powerful sales and service processes.

Expert Help

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Get a total view of your company. Instantly get the information that you need to identify trends and compare performance with extensive reporting options across your entire operations.

Increase Efficiency

HR & Payroll

A full set of tools that enable you to better manage the people in your business.

Configure your ERP Solution

Service & Asset Management

Manage every aspect of your services, work and assets to maintain the highest levels of customer service with self-service systems for online interaction.

Tools Support

Supply Chain

Gain confidence in your entire supply process from order to delivery with software that delivers accurate inventory and warehouse management.

Job Cost Management

Job Cost Management

Manage job and project costs with greater efficiency and profitability thanks to live control and tracking of all job-related resources.



Empower your customers and staff to get what they want, when they want it.

Workflow & BPM

Workflow & BPM

Real-time, proactive intelligence to all the key info for your business. Increase efficiency and accuracy with BPM to automate processes and deliver consistency.



Made for manufacturing needs: demand, production, material, and resource planning.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Equip teams on the road with access to the information and tools they need to succeed.

Technology that
grows with you

  • Greentree ERP Software uses the very latest technologies available, resulting in a robust and stable platform that is integrated by design and easy to deploy.
  • Flexible architecture delivers long-term business benefits to scale with your business needs and be rapidly deployed to reflect organisational change,
  • Greentree don't jump on every new tech bandwagon, instead the focus is on technologies that truly deliver long-term business benefits.
  • Flexible updates mean you can apply updates and changes to standard and custom software solutions according to a schedule that suits you, thus minimising the impact on your business operations. The result is you're always up to date and primed for business.
Amethys Technology that Grows With You

Technology Partners

Green Tree

Fully integrated, unified ERP Software Solutions
Greentree ERP software works to ensure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. As a fully integrated system with an extensive range of customisable suites, modules, and features to choose from Greentree can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Plus, as a Greentree Value Added Developer, we can also modify or create new modules specifically for you. Used worldwide by over 10,000 companies across a wide range of industries, providing a tool to streamline business processes.

123 Insight

Common Questions

Isn’t an ERP system just finance and accounting?

The simple answer is no. Although all ERP systems include some form of accounts functionality, a true ERP system combines information from across the entire organisation.

When is the right time to update our ERP system?

There are a number of scenarios where an ERP system can help. Some businesses adopt an ERP system to support their growth, others utilise ERP to standardise procedures after a merger, acquisition, or for succession planning. ERP systems introduce efficiency improvements so is often used as a cost reduction method.

We don’t know exactly what we need. Can you help us understand our requirements?

At Amethyst, we have a wealth of experience in providing ERP solutions to the private, public, and third sectors. For businesses who require a little more help, we offer a complete end-to-end consultancy, training and project management service that ensures we are able to deliver the system your business needs.

How long does it take to implement an ERP system?

Implementation times will vary depending on the complexity, the number of users, the training required, and the level of engagement from the customer.

How do we measure the Return on Investment (ROI) of implementing an ERP system?

There are lots of ROI tools which can be used to measure the impact an ERP system will have on your business. Most of the time, cost savings will be identified once a business has a clearer understanding of your requirements from an ERP solution.

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