We are Amethyst

We have an extremely strong track record for implementing and supporting successful financial management solutions. After all, it is all we have done for the last 33 years.

We have history

Since 1991 Amethyst has been working with businesses all over the UK.  We have over 150 years of combined experience in financial systems software.

We have grown through two recessions, waited for everything to stop working at the stroke of midnight on 1st January 2000, and seen financial software move from just the accounts team to cover the whole business processes. We worked before emails, before remote access to client's computers, and back when mobile phones were attached to cars and just made phone calls.

The softwares with which we work - Greentree and 123Insight - were chosen very carefully for their features, their flexibility, and the way they work. On top of that, they are both amazing companies to work with.

Clients choose Amethyst and stay with us long term for our "ingredient X" - as one of our clients said a while ago. If we believe there is a better way of doing something, we will do it, and that often means we do things differently from our competitors.

The Right People

You’re buying from us as people - our relationship with you is what matters, so we really love to get to know our clients as people, all through your company.

All we have done since 1991 is sell, implement, and support software solutions and we recruit the very best people to do that.


The Right Skills

Our in-house expertise means we don't outsource any of our software development, implementation, or consulting. You can be sure that the people you talk to in our team are the people who are working to deliver your ERP solution.

Once you have gone live with the software, when you need support you will have 'met' some of the team already, and most importantly they will know how your system has been set up - and why.

We continually update our knowledge - internally and externally - and have formed strong working relationships with website developers, third party logistics, and others - and work with them to ensure a full seamless integration.

The Right Experience

We have a very strong track record in the ERP software industry - over 33 years of delivering solutions to clients of all sizes and types, across a comprehensive range of industry sectors.

These solutions range from single user implementations to multi-user, multi company and country implementations.

All our customers are unique - except they all run their business using one of our solutions. We even find customers returning to us when they move to another company.

The Right Fit

Whether you are looking for a solution for a very small part of your business, or a system that covers everything from manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, HR and more; we can help.

We became a Greentree full developer (known as a VAD) in 2015 and this gives us the opportunity to hone or adjust the software to fit your requirements exactly.

As mentioned earlier, all of our development is done in-house by the Amethyst team - we are never reliant on subcontractors or other dealers.

Developers are usually kept apart from customers, but we work differently. This means changes are done quickly, and as far as possible, right the first time.

Why choose us?


Without a doubt, choosing new business finance software is difficult.

Choosing who to work with is even harder.

It’s therefore no surprise that for many companies it’s just too daunting, so they continue as they are. Stand-alone systems are used, sometimes entirely manual; data is often duplicated, and staff have to spend time rekeying and double-checking.  This way of working is time-consuming and prone to errors - this inefficiency can cost you money and lose you clients. 

There is plenty of opportunity to enhance or change the way you work, but how and where do you start? An internet search of  ‘choosing new finance software’ (or similar) will bring up pages and pages of information from different software houses - so just how do you decide? The simple answer is to call Amethyst - we can help you.

Once you have chosen your solution, decisions need to be made about transferring your data, reviewing your chart of accounts, stock codes, and reporting. All of these can seem daunting, but we are here to work through these decisions with you, using our proven project management skills and advising and guiding as you need us to.

How do you know what you need?

As an experienced solutions provider with a strong track record in ERP solutions we’lllHow show you things that you know you need, some things that you didn’t know that you need, and work with you to make the solution the very best for you!

The first thing we will carry out is a review of processes and scoping with you. This process looks at the way you work and what changes you want to make. We can advise on best practices and will create a document that is not software specific - it is all about your business.

How do you differentiate between suppliers?

It can be hard to sift through the marketing information to find out which company is the best fit for you.

For us, every customer is unique. Our clients are at the start of all our planning, actions, and thinking.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience about all types of industry and can offer advice and suggestions for processes to help you be as efficient as possible. We really do know our stuff.

How do you take that step towards a new solution?

Fear of change is common, but those companies who have successfully implemented a new system followed some simple principles. Here are just some of those.

> They thought very carefully about what they wanted – and not what they currently do.

> They did a full process review.

> They made sure they had buy-in with as many people in the business as possible and continued to make sure they were involved in decisions.

Technology Partners

Green Tree

Fully integrated, unified ERP Software Solutions

Greentree ERP software works to ensure that your business is as efficient and profitable as possible. It is a fully integrated system with an extensive range of customisable suites, modules, and features to choose from and can be tailored to the exact needs of your business.

Importantly, as a Greentree Value Added Developer, we can also modify the software to make it work exactly as you want, or integrate with other software in your business.

Greentree is used worldwide by over 10,000 companies across a wide range of industries.

123 Insight

Award-winning MRP/ERP/CRM manufacturing management software

We love 123insight's approach which is quite simply unique in the software market.

There is nothing to pay until you've had your demo, completed full training, and are ready to implement! Even then there's no binding contract; instead they offer a straightforward, fully inclusive, flexible, 'pay-as-you-go' monthly subscription, which can be cancelled any time.

You can also purchase the software rather than a monthly subscription, either at the start or after several months when you've proven the software in your business.

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