Software Solutions

Unique Software that Grows with Your Business.

Many software packages come with add-ons, compromises and half hearted solutions. Greentree is different, it provides you with a wide variety of modules and sub modules rarely found in other packages. You switch on the pieces you need, matching the solution to fit your business. As your business grows, then Greentree grows with you. Thousands of companies like you have chosen to use Greentree’s simple but smart thinking.

A Unique Approach.

What also makes Greentree unique is their approach between them (the author), the partner and the customer. They call this we3 – the combination of these three really turns the software into a solution – and that is what Amethyst is all about and one of the main reasons we chose to work with Greentree.


If you don’t know of Greentree, then you should take a look. If you do, you are probably using the software already.

Modules & Suites.

Greentree is modular software, but completely integrated.


You simply turn on what you need knowing that the modules will work cohesively; they are all built in the one business system, all fully HMRC compliant.


The suites of modules include: 

Financial Management, Supply Chain & Distribution, Human Resources & Payroll, Customer Relationship Management, Service Management Software, Job Cost Management, Mobile Solutions, Manufacturing, eBusiness, BPM & Workflow, Business Intelligence, Information Access & Reporting, Browser Capabilities, Technology & Platforms.


Grows with Your Needs.

Greentree just doesn't keep moving with technology, the software has a reputation for fresh thinking as many Greentree software milestones have been industry firsts.


Greentree offers a huge amount of functionality in each suite which can be turned on as needed and as your requirements change.

All the modules and suites have been developed in a similar way so that a new area looks and feels alike and keeps your training and implementation costs down.


As you grow, the software grows with you.