Consultancy & Development

Consultancy that is Complete.

Amethyst can offer a complete consultancy service for Access Dimensions and Focalpoint, having been working with the software since 1991, earlier than anyone else.


This could include :

  • Report writing

  • Document design – eg invoices, statements, etc.

  • Transferring data in or out of Dimensions

  • Training – one to one or classroom training

  • Business process review – looking at your existing processes to determine how they could be replicated in Dimensions

  • Project management – we can act as your internal project manager if you are implementing Access

  • Integration or linking with other softwares

  • Procedure notes production


We can also help if you are looking to change from Dimensions; we can extract your data and present it in the correct form or order for your new software.



Greentree is extremely configurable and very flexible but sometimes you need the software to work in a very specific way for your business.


Four years ago our team of developers went to New Zealand for a three week intensive training course as part of our certification giving us Value Added Developer status, and we are one of only two resellers in the UK who have this certification.


This means that we have full access to the code in Greentree and can amend or enhance the way the software works – or indeed write a new module specifically for you. Our UK development team are Amethyst employees and all are in the UK, which keeps everything under our control.


As examples - some of our recent enhancements have included a duty module, an option for a bonded warehouse, and an extensive Returns process.


Sometimes though, it is those small things that can make a big difference – for one client recently we reduced data entry to just two clicks, saving 5! For most clients this would make little difference, but for this client, where they have more than 12 people entering data all day, every day, it gave them a significant time saving each week.