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123Insight Business Solution

Unique and Totally Transparent.

Amethyst work with 123insight because we love their approach to showing and selling the software. Their approach is – quite simply – unique in the software market – as it offers an entirely risk free process for you.


Customers do not pay a penny until they have viewed the software at workshops, completed full training and are ready to implement! Even then there is no binding contract – just a straightforward, fully inclusive, flexible, pay as you go monthly subscription, which is cancellable anytime. If you would prefer to purchase the software rather than a monthly subscription, then they offer this too, either at the start or after several months when you have proven the software in your business.


Customers cover all types of manufacturing – from small startups to 800+ employees.

You simply can’t get it wrong with 123insight!

First of all you attend an Evaluation Workshop – these are held all around the country, usually monthly. Bring along as many of your colleagues as you would like, or perhaps attend one first and then book others onto the next workshop. These workshops are informal and friendly – and usually include lunch – and there is absolutely no charge for them.


We can then visit you to demonstrate the software – perhaps trying out the software using your data. If you like what you see, then full system training is offered with no obligation – you only pay for the training when you decide to proceed with the software. You get to know absolutely everything, down to the last detail, before any type of commitment is made - so it's absolutely risk free.

We were very impressed with what 123insight offered but we were also quite sceptical. The offer of only paying for the training if we took up the system seemed to be too good to be true – we were looking for the catch, but actually there isn’t one.

— Nick English, 123insight customer

Attend an evaluation workshop

123insight offers Evaluation Workshops each month in Southampton, and at various other locations throughout the UK.