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Since 1991 Amethyst has been working with businesses all over the UK. We offer the very best solutions to help run your business.

Without doubt, choosing new business finance software is daunting, and choosing who to work with is even harder. So no wonder a number of companies who know they really should make a change still decide it is too daunting and continue as they are. Manual processes continue to be used, data is often duplicated and staff have to spend time rekeying. And all that has to be checked and double checked. Perhaps some of this rings true for you?

I have often heard people say – better the devil you know – and in some ways we can all agree with that. However though, at some point you have to make that leap – and when you do –

How do you choose a supplier?

If you google ‘choosing new finance software’ or similar words, then pages and pages come up from lots of different software houses with 4,6 or 12 steps on how to do this. All very well but none of them say HOW to do it – and by that I mean :-

How do you know the software is going to work for you?
How do you differentiate between suppliers – when they are all saying that they can do it?
How you do decide what you need if you don’t know what is available?

A really good solutions provider will show you things that you know you need – and some things that you didn’t know that you DO need. And often the latter is the the one that helps you decide what software and which supplier.

Amethyst is now 28 years old. That gives us a lot of knowledge and experience about what customers want and we offer advice and suggestions to our customers on a very regular basis. However, without exception, we learn something new on every new project

Without exception, every customer IS unique.

Many tell us that they are and show all the things that only they do, but quite a few often say that they just work like every one else. What we try to do is to bring out those unique areas and use our software and solutions to enhance the way you work.

Our clients are of all sizes, types and are all unique. Except they run their business using one of our solutions. Whether it is a solution to a very small part of your business, or a system that covers everything from manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and HR, we can help.


MYOB Greentree partner

Greentree partner


In addition we offer a complete consultancy service for Access Dimensions and Focalpoint, having worked with their software since 1991 – longer than anyone else.

Not making a change may be the worst thing you can do!

Change can be hard to manage, but we have extensive experience in helping you through the change to your processes so that you really do get the solution you need.

Read a recent opinion piece from our Managing Director, Lisa Miles, about managing change and how doing nothing may in fact be the worst thing that you can do.

Meet the Amethyst team

Read a little about each member of the Amethyst Associates team

Client quotes…

“We were able to increase our turnover by 35% without the need to take on any more staff”

Our solution stopped the duplication and re-keying of data and enabled the current staff to handle the increase in orders.

“We were operating with 4 different softwares, none of which talked to each other and it was so difficult to get up to date information. I don’t like the phrase – joined up – but that is exactly what we now have and we love it. And now our information is available at a click of a button”

Integration with one existing software was essential for this client, the other three were able to be incorporated into the new solution.

“We completely automated our purchase ordering and procurement system – it was entirely manual before this. We were concerned that it was a big change for us, but Amethyst held our hands through the whole process”

“It took us a long while to make the decision to upgrade – but when we did, it wasn’t as scary as we thought and Amethyst’s experience shined through. We wish we had made the change so much earlier”

The Lowdown – supporting young people

Amethyst has been supporting The Lowdown, a Northamptonshire charity for young people, since 2007.

They offer a free and confidential drop in service six days a week in Northampton for young people aged 12 to 25 years old who are in distress or experiencing a crisis.

The Lowdown offers information, counselling and support on any issue including – relationships, sexual health, mental and physical health, eating disorders, anger, abuse, bereavement, accommodation and education.

Funding over the years for charities has become very difficult to obtain and few donors or organisations are keen to commit to any long term projects. The Lowdown works extremely hard each year to secure the funding they need so that they can continue to offer their services in Northamptonshire, but always need more help. To find out more or to make a donation, however large or small, please visit www.thelowdown.info/about-us

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